Grass is Greener

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Best when blessed

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How would you categorize yourself in regards to goals? Do you make them? Are you “goal-driven”? How do you prioritize your goals? What was the BIGGEST goal you ever reached? I love making goals because they keep me focused. I have goals of ALL KINDS and am absolutely, a goal driven person. There’s nothing better […]

My entrepreneur perspective

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Happy Holidays! I hope this season is treating you well. I had a wonderful conversation with my sister this week. We were discussing how this year is coming to a close and the all the plans I am making for the coming year. My sister is a brilliant person. While being an organizing aficionado – […]

Postcard Sale

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Postcards are a QUICK and EASY way to reach your customers. One of the things I like most about postcards is the paper. I like how one side can be glossy, how thick the card stock is, the bright colors and that they seems to capture my attention immediately and I can’t wait to flip […]

The beauty in hard work

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A common issue I tackle when working with my website clients is the level and amount of work. As a designer, I commit hours on end to programming, structure, functionality and graphics when building a new website. I try to communicate that a website is always a work in progress. The number one issue I […]

Short Business Plan

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I am excited to celebrate nine years of Karen Oakley Designs. I started out as a person with a great creative idea, a strong skill set and an education to back me up. I had written a business plan and tucked it away but felt ‘responsible’ because I had actually authored one. This last year, […]

Giving YOU the Tools

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I am frequently approached about the design services I provide. I want to give YOU the tools to ask these questions and place your requests. I have very user-friendly order forms for the myriad of design services I offer. Each one offers different options but gives you a great opportunity to order what you need […]

The Power of ‘Just Because’

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Have you ever received something “JUST BECAUSE.” It wasn’t a holiday, no birthday, no major national event or accomplishment… it was just a quiet, “I’m thinking of you today,” moment or gift. It had been a very long week and to my wonderful surprise, I open my mailbox to find a note and piece of […]

Try, Try, Try Again

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I was invited to participate in an art show this weekend. I have been working on a piece of art for months. I took a lot of time to carefully sketch it out in my mind. I reworked it and reworked it several times before I picked up any materials. I was SO sure it […]

Friday Font Favorite

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What is your favorite kind of font? Is it a Serif font (type with short horizontal lines added to the tops and bottoms of the letters, such as Times Roman)? Or do you favor Sans-Serif fonts (typeface with straight edges on the letters, such as Arial)? As a graphic artist, I do not have a […]