Back to It

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Back to It

In this climate, there have been many ways to describe the attempt of getting back to ‘normal’. We’ve called it ‘re-opening’, ‘easing back in’, and ‘back-to-it’ (my personal favorite). I have learned so much during the shelter-in-place experience. One thing I learned was REST. It had been a long time since my mind took in […]

What works best for you? Print vs. Digital

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What works best for you? Print vs. Digital

In your line of business, what works best for you? In a hyper digital age where print almost comes across as an archaic means of communicating, I believe it comes down to a very personal and analyzed choice. I am a person who LOVES print! I like how paper feels in my hand, I like […]

Company Logo

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What does your logo say about you and your company? Is it a strong and accurate representation? Is it still current and relevant to your marketplace? Send me a copy and let me review it. (Contact form at bottom right of this page) Found this on Webify Websites and thought it was VERY interesting!  

Friday Font Fun

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Friday Font Fun

It’s #FridayFontFun – what is your favorite font? Do you like decoration, bold, italics, minimalist, traditional? My three favorites are: #Trajan Pro       #Impact           and #Adobe Garamond Pro

Creative Marketing for You

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2014 is fast approaching. Business is heading into the holiday season with excitement and high hopes. Everyone from retail to non profit organizations have a message to share. Perhaps it is one to promote business or one to sell a product? It could be as simple as sharing thanks or to wish a holiday season. […]

Never Give Up

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I just returned from a place and event that holds a special place in my heart. It’s called Camp Sweeney and it’s a summer camp specifically for children who live with Type I diabetes. They attend for three weeks and are surrounded by a full staff of counselors, doctors, and other children who live with […]

Pick a Color… Any Color

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In college, my boss at the Print Shop gave me this book-thingy. It was a Pantone color chart book. When I first began to work in design, I quickly learned what a VITAL tool it is to have in your graphic design tool box. This book-o-magical-colors is one of my favorite tools. It assists printers […]

Planning makes perfect

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Planning makes perfect

When I am designing websites, my clients know that I spend a great deal of time behind the computer, but that is not where I start. One of the key roles in developing a website is SMART PLANNING. When mapping out a website, the most important job is to make sure your site is well […]

Goal Tip

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Goal Tip

I thought this photo to be a perfect visual for a great quote. I love owls and the quote will resonate strong for anyone! “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” ~ Joe Vitale: American entrepreneur and self-help author  

Facebook Picture Cheat Sheet

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Facebook has been a wonderful platform to share photographs. I know I look forward to seeing many. However, what people don’t realize is that when they upload a photo – FB will default it to fit but that might cut off a face, fingers, or that beautiful sunset that was the entire reason you wanted […]