In your line of business, what works best for you? In a hyper digital age where print almost comes across as an archaic means of communicating, I believe it comes down to a very personal and analyzed choice.

I am a person who LOVES print! I like how paper feels in my hand, I like to get pieces in the mail that have my name on it, I like to keep things that peak my interest or give me a discount on a purchase when I scratch off the metallic ink. I also enjoy studying how the piece was produced… is it colorful, glossy, or does it have texture in the paper? All these things appeal to me!

There is a BIG HOWEVER. I love digital because it’s fast, efficient, modern, and there’s a big fat chance that EVERYONE WILL SEE IT! Look at this post – this is the very example of how a digital blog post with a funny photo can ignite and spark conversation. Hopefully you will feel impressed enough to share it with other people you know too. It’s so simple, just hit the SHARE (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter) WOW – shall I go on?!

Both have benefits. I recommend looking at what you are trying to accomplish and select the correct medium in which to do it. If you have a strong budget and want to get into people’s hands, then print can be very effective, lasting, and tangible. This is NOT a lost art or way to reach people.

Digital is fast, convenient, effective, affordable and GREEN! I’m all for being GREEN folks and I encourage everyone to jump on that bandwagon.

When you are working to provide creative marketing to your clients, take time to truly STOP and think about it. Think about your clients. Think about what you want and RUN WITH IT! Both deliveries have their pros and cons but it’s your attitude and intention that speaks volumes. When you pick what you like, you can rest assure those you are sending it to will like it as well because they like doing business with you!