Facebook has been a wonderful platform to share photographs. I know I look forward to seeing many. However, what people don’t realize is that when they upload a photo – FB will default it to fit but that might cut off a face, fingers, or that beautiful sunset that was the entire reason you wanted to share the picture to begin with.

Here are a few Facebook picture sizes that will help you format your photo the way it was intended to be seen.

Cover Photo 851px 315px
Profile Image in Header 160px 160px Must be uploaded at 180px by 180px
Profile Image on Timeline 32px 32px Same image as main Profile Image, automatically downscaled
Thumbnail for Shared Links 155px 114px
Uploaded Photos 2048px 2048px
Uploaded Timeline Photo Thumbnail 403px 403px See exceptions above for small images.
Video Preview Thumbnail 403px 226px