Design Planning

I am definitely one to think on my feet and jump through hoops for clients who needed their materials five minutes ago. However, it’s stressful and no one needs any extra stress these days! The one element that benefits us both is DESIGN PLANNING.

If you have a project that needs custom design, planning certain criteria will help us both expedite the process and achieve your goals.

  • Know Your Budget – It’s always helpful to know how much you have to spend. If it’s print materials – give me a an estimate of how many you want. If it’s electronic, let me know where and how you want it showcased. Budget determines the production value of the design and it’s important to establish that from the very beginning.
  • Respect & Set Deadlines – Everyone needed their stuff five minutes ago but that doesn’t mean I can deliver it to you that fast. The more time you give a project, the less stress and the more time you have to tackle it creatively. Printers need at least 7-10 working days for production. If you add that to delivery or shipping as well as design time, three weeks is a good starting point and I, your designer, will REALLY appreciate it!
  • Know Your Audience – As a designer, I work to help you produce the right piece for you and your people. However, you know your clients best! I can design if I know who you want to market to. Your design pieces will reflect purpose and that helps when you KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!