Have you ever received something “JUST BECAUSE.” It wasn’t a holiday, no birthday, no major national event or accomplishment… it was just a quiet, “I’m thinking of you today,” moment or gift.

Just Because It had been a very long week and to my wonderful surprise, I open my mailbox to find a note and piece of art created by talented-beyond-all-means friend, Riki Yarbrough. (Read her blog by clicking on her name.)

She wrote me to say hello and simply share the styling of one of her favorite artist, Paul Klee. It was beautiful! Not only did she share her thoughts and encouragements, she shared a token that I can appreciate forever.

The strength of “JUST BECAUSE” is very powerful. Her thoughtfulness created a gratefulness in me that also inspired me to share with others.

We work hard to create purpose and return in all that we do and also “JUST BECAUSE.” As a graphic artist, it’s my desire (and true joy) to create visuals and graphics that reach, intrigue, inspire and motivate people to connect.

What can I help you create “JUST BECAUSE?” Maybe it’s a piece that makes you smile and adds color to your life. If not for you, make an effort towards someone else to do something “JUST BECAUSE.” You’ll be remembered and the significance will be exponential!

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