A common issue I tackle when working with my website clients is the level and amount of work. As a designer, I commit hours on end to programming, structure, functionality and graphics when building a new website. I try to communicate that a website is always a work in progress.

The number one issue I find myself educating people on is that a website is never the end means. There is always work, work and more work to be done. This is a GOOD THING! The more you build, the more you practice, the work will soon become beautifully effortless.

Working Hard is Beautiful

When you are using your website as a tool to communicate, inform, sell, or promote – it must be maintained on a very regular basis. If you are wanting to be found quickly in the search engines or through social media; your commitment to updating the website will yield strength and greater visibility.

Your website is an online store front. You’d never open a store and not be there! Make your website a great place to learn, share, play and shop. If you want to build your client base, gain customers, visitors, make an impact either financially or personally – you have to show up, answer the phone, reply to the email, communicate and share your experiences. That is some good hard work worth doing!