Do you have a favorite color? My favorite color (for as long as I can remember) is purple. This color has great significance to me because not only is it beautiful, royal and a blend of the two great primaries – it has been colored into my life for as far back as I can remember!

You can see my love for this color in the landscape of my house. I have trees, flowering plants and bushes that all showcase this beautiful color and a sneak peak into my personality.

The thrill I have for using this color in my home or in my design work; I call it PURPLE POWER! When I was a kid, I attended a camp for children with Type 1 diabetes called Camp Sweeney. This was a very special place in my life because I made lifelong friends and learned to care for my condition on a daily basis. This program was the foundation in my success as a healthy individual living with diabetes. My soccer counselor came up with PURPLE POWER DAY where those of us who took the soccer class wore purple from head to toe. The concept of wearing purple and celebrating this special day – you had POWER! I can honestly look back at those days and tell you that every kid who wore purple – there was an energy unlike any other. Thank you Rob Thornell for your brilliant motivation and the impact that it continues to have on us!

What colors do you surround yourself with? Do you have a favorite? Perhaps you wear it in your wardrobe or you have it painted on the walls of your house. Maybe you are daring and have a tattoo or a unique piece of art that displays this color for all to see. It’s amazing the effect that colors can have in your life and how they can bring you to life. Whether it be in memories, motivation or just to make you feel happy… make sure you surround yourself with your favorite color and share this impact with others.