Postcards are a QUICK and EASY way to reach your customers. One of the things I like most about postcards is the paper. I like how one side can be glossy, how thick the card stock is, the bright colors and that they seems to capture my attention immediately and I can’t wait to flip it over and find out what all the hub-bub is about.

It costs $0.32 to mail a postcard. That is some nice savings over a traditional letter or newsletter. You can reach more of your mass audience without a nail biting hit to your mailing budget.

Right now, I have a postcard sale happening where you can receive 25 FREE Postcard sized (4×6) MAGNETS! That’s right! Stick it to them… literally! With the purchase of 250 postcards, you can get 25 FREE Postcard sized magnets for NADA! Not only are you sharing a great message – but you’ll leave a lasting impression and your message will ‘stick’ around! (yes, I had to say it again – I’m in the zone!)

Contact me for details! You can provide your own artwork or let me know if you’d like me to typeset a message for you.