When I am designing websites, my clients know that I spend a great deal of time behind the computer, but that is not where I start.

One of the key roles in developing a website is SMART PLANNING. When mapping out a website, the most important job is to make sure your site is well thought out, organized, prioritized and functional.

So many of us visit hundreds of websites on a daily basis. Do you know why you like the websites you do? What are your favorites characteristics of a website?

  • It looks good
  • Navigates well
  • User friendly
  • Interactive
  • Accomplishes a task
  • Entertains
  • Informs

This is just one example list of the many details that must be considered in developing a smart website.

Never underestimate the power of sitting down with pen and paper to start. It keeps your mind and hands busy and helps you map a solid plan before spending hours in front of a screen. Planning makes perfect!