Design Planning

I am definitely one to think on my feet and jump through hoops for clients who needed their materials five minutes ago. However, it’s stressful and no one needs any extra stress these days! The one element that benefits us both is DESIGN PLANNING. If you have a project that needs custom design, planning certain… Continue reading Design Planning

Update importance

With the ability to keep your public ‘aware’ of your every waking action via social networking, what is the true importance in updating? I’ll speak only from a professional standpoint. (I’m not interested in knowing if you’ve brushed your teeth, what kind of food you’re eating or what your cat did this morning) Remember that… Continue reading Update importance

S”O” – Let’s Begin!

Welcome to my website and blog. I have been working to update my website to the more familiar and accessible blog style. I hope to accomplish both. I am working to constantly communicate with my client base but also want to style and showcase my work. I invite you to come and look through my… Continue reading S”O” – Let’s Begin!