I just returned from a place and event that holds a special place in my heart. It’s called Camp Sweeney and it’s a summer camp specifically for children who live with Type I diabetes. They attend for three weeks and are surrounded by a full staff of counselors, doctors, and other children who live with diabetes. This place has been open for 64 years and is a TRUE SOURCE OF INSPIRATION!

One of the best lessons I learned was to NEVER GIVE UP! In visiting again, I had the opportunity to catch up with friends both old and new and I literally felt the magic the minute I drove into the camp grounds. This place, the people, the environment, the mission… ALL of these things serve as a source of inspiration to me and I was so touched at how strongly I was reminded once again to NEVER GIVE UP on my dreams.

While there, I took it all in and did my best to encourage, empower and celebrate those who are living their lives to the fullest with their condition. Today I remembered a board that I built on Pinterest that contained a quote I really love and a fantastic reminder. (I think Reunions remind you of how fast time flies!)

Take a look at this quote and the collection of many others on my board called, ‘Words I Need to Hear’. It’s a fun board filled with inspiration and encouragement. We all need some on a daily basis!