Happy Holidays! I hope this season is treating you well. I had a wonderful conversation with my sister this week. We were discussing how this year is coming to a close and the all the plans I am making for the coming year. My sister is a brilliant person. While being an organizing aficionado – she is a master planner, problem solver, technical guru and all the while balances a life with a wonderful husband, child and full time job.

I am an entrepreneur. I celebrate 10 years in business this 2013. I am so proud to say that! When speaking with my sister about my “BIG PLANS” and goals that are set somewhere on the edge of where the space jump happened not long ago… she challenged me. Keep reading…

I found myself measuring my success in dollar figures and bottom lines. I started so small and have grown very well in the last ten years. It’s been a challenge but a true joy to run my design business. From a business standpoint, I’m constantly looking at how to better myself, increase my efficiency and grow more.

This last Friday (after the tragedy in Connecticut) the world ground to a halt and I took a long look at my last ten years. I have two small kids in elementary school so this story shook me to my core.  They came home that day and I hugged them tighter and I prayed over those families and friends who lost their loved ones. It’s inexplicable.

My sister reminded me that while all my outward goals and financial dreams are good and important – she challenged me to evaluate the “unseen” that I’ve gained and continue to gain by being an entrepreneur? Instantly, I thought of the things that are important to me and how being an entrepreneur has allowed me to enjoy so much more than my goals and initiatives ever planned out. I’ve been a stay at home mother for the past nine years. I’ve been able to BE there for my kids to take them to school, pick them up, show them a strong work ethic, continue to my creative journey while also balancing a wonderful husband, home and lifestyle. I’ve met and been blessed by so many clients and their wonderful businesses – I’m in awe of who I am associated with and have developed good relationships.

These are the things that motivate me to work harder! I look forward to another year and the challenges that lie ahead but I also look back on what has been so important to me and what is even more important for the future. What is your entrepreneurial perspective? What makes you a better self employed contributor to this society? Take some time to really think on this. It will cause you to pause and to shape your plans.

I’m grateful for my entrepreneur’s journey and I hope you find some great perspective in your journey this holiday season.