I had a wonderful question posed to me this evening. One of my clients asked me, “If I get a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn page, a Google account, a blog and a website, will it increase my business?”

I follow a very smart lady named Carolyn Frith. She is a marketing consultant and copywriter. She had some interesting thoughts and I thought I’d post them here. You can follower her on Twitter (@carolynfrith). She reported the Content Marketing Institute interviewed marketers to determine the most preferred content marketing tactics and number eight was micro-blogging: aka Twitter. I  recommend reading the entire article: http://blog1.carolynfrith.com/2011/10/24/why-tweetfor-business.aspx?results=1#SurveyResultsChart

Why should we consider social and professional media outlets for our business? (*content from article below)

  • Build Relationships
  • Show what you Know
  • Makes Sales Sizzle

I answered my own client by replying, “These networks and outlets will increase your exposure! It can increase your business if you are faithful to follow through with your statements, stories, follow up and reply to people’s comments and feedback.”

If you have the ability and you are committed to building your business and increasing your profitability, social and professional networks are great vehicles for doing just that. Jump on board! It all comes back to people getting to know you. They know you, they see you, they know your business, hire you, like your work and they refer you! The referrals can become exponential. THAT IS INCREASE!