2014 is fast approaching. Business is heading into the holiday season with excitement and high hopes.

Everyone from retail to non profit organizations have a message to share. Perhaps it is one to promote business or one to sell a product? It could be as simple as sharing thanks or to wish a holiday season. Whatever the reason, do you know what YOUR specific message is? Do you know who you want to say it to or HOW?

Creative marketing is the solution. This is the perfect time to craft (with great precision) the message you want to close 2013 with and introduce 2014.

  • Impact
  • Strength
  • Sincerity
  • Vision

People come to me in the pursuit of the ultimate advertisement. I’ll tell you a secret… there are about 49 steps before the rollout of step 50! This is where a well researched and strong creative marketing plan can benefit you.

At Karen Oakley Designs, we ask you questions that cater not only to your clients, but you! We work to make sure your voice and message is heard at the right time, place and with the right audience. Our creative plans find the right tools to help you stand out and visuals that make you memorable.

Let’s make some impact! Contact me today and let me hear what your strength, sincerity and vision is for this coming season and upcoming year. I can guarantee you’ll be excited to hear what creative marketing can do for you.