In this climate, there have been many ways to describe the attempt of getting back to ‘normal’. We’ve called it ‘re-opening’, ‘easing back in’, and ‘back-to-it’ (my personal favorite).

Getting Back to It

I have learned so much during the shelter-in-place experience. One thing I learned was REST. It had been a long time since my mind took in a constant state of living slower. I know many people have experienced rest (albeit forcible) in ways that was much needed.

It’s late May and I’m now at practice of getting ‘Back to It’! I find myself energized and also cautious not to adopt my 90mph ways from life before. I also realized the importance of slowing down long enough to be truly thorough and excellent. We can all stack our plates high of tasks, things to do, deadlines and ‘important stuff’ but I embracing that taking on limited but very intentional tasks is best for me.

In what way will you get ‘Back to It’? I will be excited to hear your plan (or plans) and pray it will be just the right amount and truly excellent.